Didn’t shed a single tear

Posted yesterday by a Dragonfly Mom whose daughter is doing a Dragonfly event tonight: “R didn’t shed a single tear going to sleep with anesthesia today. She had said this morning that she was going to be brave today. When we were in recovery, the anesthesiologist came by to check on her and he kept […]

Photo of hands illustrating strength

Dragonfly is a family

From a Dragonfly Mom: “I have no family here and I could have never made it through without this support system. And I’m not a support group kinda girl!…somewhere the thing that isn’t immediately obvious is not just the care and support you provide the patients. It’s the support system you create for the families. […]

Dragonfly Friends

“Thanks so much for last night!”

Following are some of the notes Dragonfly received after last night’s Patient/Family event (a Parents Night Out/PNO) at The Landing: “Thanks so much for last night! Seriously when we walked in and you said “Hi family!” I almost cried because it really is. Of course I got to see old friends with Tammy and Lisa, and got […]