“Thanks so much for last night!”

Following are some of the notes Dragonfly received after last night’s Patient/Family event (a Parents Night Out/PNO) at The Landing:

“Thanks so much for last night! Seriously when we walked in and you said “Hi family!” I almost cried because it really is. Of course I got to see old friends with Tammy and Lisa, and got to meet some new ones which was great. The boys had so much fun they didn’t want to leave. When I told Joel to get his shoes it was time to go, he shook his head no and walked away. When I told Luke it was time to go he asked if he could please do just one more thing with his friends. haha. I’d say they loved it. They were a hot, sweaty mess which is a sign of a great time. I think they made some new buddies too. I just sat back, watched and smiled. I seriously do not know how families go through this without having this kind of support. If we had to go through this, I’m glad it happened when it did, in a time when Dragonfly came to be. I would definitely have felt so alone without this. It’s a crazy journey, but I am blessed! I’m sure there are days that are so draining or discouraging for you with all you have to accomplish, but please know that your work matters!! It does not go unnoticed. You, the staff and volunteers are truly making a difference.”

“When your child is diagnosed with Cancer it takes a toll on the whole family and during the darkness a dragonfly lands on you. This now means you have a whole other support system. During these tough times you learn to lean on the group and you learn everyone’s stories and you pull strength from everyone else.

The last few days have been exceptionally rough for us and the first thing E said was lets go to the landing for parents night out. I agreed knowing it would bring her smiles and it did just that! I was also able to finally meet mom’s who are on the same journey and just understand. To the ladies who took me under their wing tonight: Thank you!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you for the laughs and the wonderful evening! Thank you for just understanding! For once I didn’t feel like I had judgemental eyes watching me and questioning if the path I am taking for my daughter is the right path.”

“Thanks for being a rock for us.”

“So I almost forgot what it was like to eat a hot meal and not hear mom 1000 Times and have adult conversation. lol”

“(My daughter) always has had an issue being young and not understanding that the attention from the doctors wasn’t a good thing so it really made a huge difference when she was always included by the Dragonfly foundation thank you and God bless.”

“I needed a time out more than I realized. I realized that in order to take care of everyone else I need to take care of myself.”

“What a fun night it was! I was so glad to meet some new friends while visiting with old ones. … It truly brings tears to my eyes the love and support shared among this group. It’s family for sure! It was good for my soul.”

She must have had a blast because she is still asleep!!

“Thank you for the PNO. It has literally been YEARS since I have been out anywhere without the kids. As much as I love them, I really needed time with the ladies and I met some new friends.”

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