Happy Halloween!!

On Friday, October 29th we celebrated Halloween with our Dragonflies at Parents Night Out! Everyone came dressed in their favorite Halloween costume and played games until dark!! Thank you Dragonflies for all of your energy and for celebrating Halloween with us, we had an absolute blast! Everyone stay safe tonight while trick-or-treating!!

“Thanks so much for last night!”

Following are some of the notes Dragonfly received after last night’s Patient/Family event (a Parents Night Out/PNO) at The Landing: “Thanks so much for last night! Seriously when we walked in and you said “Hi family!” I almost cried because it really is. Of course I got to see old friends with Tammy and Lisa, and got to meet some new ones …

Child playing with gift

Stories from February 2014

From a Dragonfly Patient: “I received a special birthday surprise while here at children’s for chemo from dragonfly! (I couldn’t wait, so I opened it early! :D) Thank you so very much for making a long day of chemo much better!” _______________________________________ From a Dragonfly Sister: “i love the dragonfly foundation because they gave my family hope and happiness. they …