Lauren Young's son

Video: “Dear Dragonfly” Letter From Lauren Young

Recently, a Dragonfly mom named Lauren Young wrote a thank you letter to The Dragonfly Foundation… It touched our hearts so much that we asked if she would be willing film a testimonial video for us.  Lauren, working closely with our friends at ChiliDog Pictures (and with the help of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center), went the extra mile and […]

An Open Thank You Letter

An Open Thank You Letter To: Dragonfly co-founders, Ria and Christine, and our friends at The Dragonfly Foundation, This email has been a long time coming.  You may need tissues by the time I am finished.  I don’t even know where to begin.  All I do know is you were the light and continue to […]

Dragonfly bouncing at Picnic

Meant to be…

This evening, a Dragonfly Mom posted a note to us on our private Facebook page (for our Dragonfly families). (The family recently moved out of state to be closer to their parents.) In addition to managing the challenges of cancer, moving presented a whole new set of stresses. Yet, Dragonfly was able to make a difference, even there… “Dragonflies are everywhere! […]

Photo of hands illustrating strength

Dragonfly is a family

From a Dragonfly Mom: “I have no family here and I could have never made it through without this support system. And I’m not a support group kinda girl!…somewhere the thing that isn’t immediately obvious is not just the care and support you provide the patients. It’s the support system you create for the families. […]

Meet our Dragonfly, Reef

Meet Baby Reef

Little Reef, his parents, and sister left their home and family in South Africa to find treatment for his aggressive form of leukemia. The first stop on their treatment journey was Los Angeles, CA, where Reef had a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, he developed a severe complication, graft versus host disease, where his immune cells […]

Dear Dragonfly Family

“Dragonfly Family, I have been meaning to write this note for some time…. In the beginning of the summer I was doing a lot of reflection on our summer last year. How hard it was to take E to the pool and watch her look so sick and deal with all the stares and whispers […]