Thank you, Dragonfly Quotes!


“Thank you Dragonfly Foundation- it is so wonderful what you do for patients and their families like ours!”


“Thank God for the Dragonfly family who will always listen to anything we all have to share until we get through it. “


“Still can’t thank the dragonfly foundation enough through the years for everything they have done for our dragonfly to help her come out of the darkness and shine some light at the right moments and this was just one of those moments”


“Words can not express the gratitude our family feels for your unwavering support for my son and other ill children. My son has been battling lymphoma all summer and your generosity has given him days that he can relax and forget about the enemy and the battlefield. Thank you for being there.”


Thank you for all you do for your Dragonflies. We can never thank you enough for all you do. You truly are a shining light in some of our darkest days.” — A Dragonfly Mom

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