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Community Resources

Help us connect Dragonfly and its families with individuals, groups and companies that help and make the journey just a bit easier.

What type of community connections do we need/want?

  • Access to tickets and suites – don’t let unused tickets go to waste (we will take them even at the last minute!). **Suites are particularly important to immune-compromised patients
  • Connections to companies willing to donate or reduce fees on services that helps us or our Dragonfly families
  • Referrals to individuals and companies willing to donate auction items or experiences
  • Connections to organizations that might support our patients & families
  • Contacts at schools that would welcome our Student Programs
  • Whatever it is.. Whatever you, your company or your associate can do, we probably need it, the resource, talent, time, information and connections. If it can't help us today, it certainly will help us tomorrow.

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