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Student Programs

The Dragonfly Foundation’s Student Programs empowers students to help Dragonfly families, to raise awareness for our mission, and to get involved in building a more caring and compassionate community. Three initiatives are offered under this effort:

  • Dragonfly’s Student Ambassador Program
  • Camp Dragonfly (Read about our 2018 Camp Dragonfly HERE!)
  • Dragonfly's Girl Scout Patch Program
Our programs help students learn new skills, use existing talents, and recognize they can use their time, resources, and connections to support Dragonfly patients/families and to help make a difference, at home, at school, and in their community.

While these programs are currently only available to students in the Greater Cincinnati area, there are lessons available that students, teachers, and parents can implement, regardless of their geographic location. Please click on the buttons to learn more.

Student Program Sponsors

Participating Schools