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Student Ambassador Program

Info For Students
Helping one person often can impact many more than you'd ever expect. Dragonfly started because we wanted to help one little boy… now look at us!

Why Get Involved In Dragonfly's Student Ambassador Program?

The Dragonfly Foundation’s Student Ambassador Program helps students recognize and use their time, talents, resources, and connections to support Dragonfly patients and families, and to make a difference in their home, school, and community.

  • Have FUN with a group of like-minded awesome people
  • Plan, organize, and manage amazing events at your school
  • Help represent our organization at your school and in the community
  • Help us care while we wait for a cure

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How Can You Get Involved?

Note: We have lessons that students, teachers, and parents can implement, regardless of their geographic location.
  • Find Out If Your School Has Our Student Ambassador Program

    Ask your teachers and administrators about The Dragonfly Foundation. Tell them we have a page on our website with information for schools!

  • Join In Or Gather Some Friends

    Become an advocate, champion our cause, and have fun doing it!

  • Create Your Own Adventure

    Think about what you love to do and use that talent and passion for a greater purpose: to help raise awareness and/or donations for Dragonfly! Tell others about Dragonfly and share how they might get involved. People will want to help you!

  • Have Fun & Make A Difference

    Ask us about what other kids have done, and try to kick it up a notch! We have some really great stories about how other students “Did It For Dragonfly”!

What Types of School Events/Fundraisers Can Student Ambassador Teams Propose to Schools To Help Dragonfly?

  • Design and sell Dragonfly t-shirts at special events (concerts, plays, sporting events)
  • Collect donations and hold a flea market
  • Do a Denim for Dragonfly Day: ask staff/administrators for a $5 donation to wear jeans on a specific day
  • Make change by having a coin drive!
  • Plan a talent or fashion show and donate ticket sales
  • Host a toy drive (all toys/gifts must be new/unused) or gift card drive
  • Help us care while we wait for a cure
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