T-shirt Teddy Bears

They are not just shirts…

One of our Dragonfly mommies, did this with the Dragonfly t-shirts her daughter had outgrown… Made our hearts soar! 1) She considers our shirts keepsakes 2) Her daughter will continue to find comfort from them 3) She purposefully found a place to make these bears for her daughter. **Note: After we posted this on our […]

Photo of hands illustrating strength

Dragonfly is a family

From a Dragonfly Mom: “I have no family here and I could have never made it through without this support system. And I’m not a support group kinda girl!…somewhere the thing that isn’t immediately obvious is not just the care and support you provide the patients. It’s the support system you create for the families. […]

Meet our Dragonfly, Reef

Meet Baby Reef

Little Reef, his parents, and sister left their home and family in South Africa to find treatment for his aggressive form of leukemia. The first stop on their treatment journey was Los Angeles, CA, where Reef had a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, he developed a severe complication, graft versus host disease, where his immune cells […]

“It can make such an impact on helping children and families while they battle”

From a Dragonfly Mom: “It is amazing what The Dragonfly Foundation has accomplished in the few years they have been around. As a parent who had a child battling this awful disease before The Dragonfly Foundation began, I remember the feelings of loneliness, isolation and despair that our daughter went through as well as our […]

“…if there is any glistening of light, it comes from The Dragonfly Foundation…

Two of our families are being interviewed on WXIX FOX19 tomorrow morning about Kings Island’s #KicksCancer Fundraiser. The station asked for a biography from the families, so the anchors could know something about the interviewees. Here is what Jay Robison sent us: “The Dragonfly eclipses the realm of “just another foundation” helping cancer patients.  Unlike […]