Anticipating needs are as important as the experience.

One of our Dragonfly families had a special circumstance that needed the type of experience that only Tony’s Steak & Seafood could provide… This is the note we received from the social worker after our Dragonflies had dinner at Tony’s restaurant:

“Oh my goodness! I just went and saw her and her dad and they could not say enough wonderful things about Tony’s. Dad said his steak was so tender, he didn’t even have to chew it 🙂 K went on and on about her dinner as well and said at least 3 times how great it was to just leave the hospital. Dad further went on to say how amazing the service was and how they realized K’s struggles and cut her food up while in the back so dad wouldn’t have to and let his food get cold. He also said, they had a chair removed so she could put her wheelchair in. They were smiling from ear to ear and honestly, I haven’t seen this for a while.”

See… told you, Tony and his staff are incredible.