Meet Baby Reef

Little Reef, his parents, and sister left their home and family in South Africa to find treatment for his aggressive form of leukemia. The first stop on their treatment journey was Los Angeles, CA, where Reef had a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, he developed a severe complication, graft versus host disease, where his immune cells attacked not only the cancer, but the healthy parts of his body, too.

Reef’s mother Lydia reflected on their time in Los Angeles, saying “We lived there for 3 years and were never connected to any support organizations – there was nothing life Dragonfly there to help us.”

With Reed’s health critically failing, the family had to move to Cincinnati to seek a treatment of last resort at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Here, they found hope in the medical care and from the supportive care they received from The Dragonfly Foundation.

“We didn’t know that there were people like them, or a group that would be so dedicated to our happiness and well-being. Dragonfly has been there for us in so many ways, large and small. Reef, my daughter, my husband, and I are so proud to be Dragonflies. With them, we can forget bout complications and the hardships of the disease, treatment, lengthy hospital stats and complication that affect my son, my daughter, our family and our future. We can live and be in the now.”

She went on the say, “Our children have been given a life again and can safely enjoy events. We cannot express our thanks to The Dragonfly Foundation for all they have done for our family in this short time and, with them, we are excited for the future.”

This family is one of more than 800 Dragonfly families, and an example of the many we have yet to help. At this time, we are asking you to consider making a gift that will help us continue programs and services for our current Dragonflies, and allow us to grow the number of patients and families we serve.

Please help Dragonfly continue to provide comfort and joy to kids, young adults and their families enduring cancer and bone marrow transplants.


Christine and Ria
The Dragonfly Foundation