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“I was driving home from work yesterday and saw an “I Love My Dragonfly” bumper sticker!!  The Dragonfly car and my car were both driving to catch up with one another to wave. After about 5 minutes, I was finally able to pull next to the car. As I turned my head, ready to wave, I noticed that the person …

Love our bumper stickers!

From a Dragonfly mom: “(While) Cashing out at Krogers a lady approached me and asked me if that was my car outside with the dragonfly stickers on it and cause I had my Dragonfly jacket on she asked what is The Dragonfly foundation. I said Oh thank you for asking I hope you have a few minutes. she did and …

Dragonfly Sticker

“Geico can’t help with that.”

From a Dragonfly Mom: “My bumper is being replaced from the wreck so when the guy told me the whole thing needed replacing, my first thing was “OH NO….what about all my Dragonfly bumper stickers”. He replied with a straight face “Ma’am, Geico can’t help with that. LOL” Needless to say, we sent her a bunch of Dragonfly bumper stickers!

Child playing with gift

Stories from February 2014

From a Dragonfly Patient: “I received a special birthday surprise while here at children’s for chemo from dragonfly! (I couldn’t wait, so I opened it early! :D) Thank you so very much for making a long day of chemo much better!” _______________________________________ From a Dragonfly Sister: “i love the dragonfly foundation because they gave my family hope and happiness. they …