Need a smile? Want to give one?

“I was driving home from work yesterday and saw an “I Love My Dragonfly” bumper sticker!!  The Dragonfly car and my car were both driving to catch up with one another to wave. After about 5 minutes, I was finally able to pull next to the car. As I turned my head, ready to wave, I noticed that the person in Dragonfly car was already waving at me!!”
— Jen Morand, Dragonfly’s Community Relations Specialist

We always ask people who take our bumper stickers to wave at others who are displaying them. 1) It is so much better to have someone wave at you out of kindness, than road rage, 2) because our Dragonfly families can use a little love, 3) because our volunteers and supporters can always use a smile, too!

If you’d like a Dragonfly bumper sticker, email us at [email protected].