Didn’t shed a single tear

Posted yesterday by a Dragonfly Mom whose daughter is doing a Dragonfly event tonight:

“R didn’t shed a single tear going to sleep with anesthesia today. She had said this morning that she was going to be brave today. When we were in recovery, the anesthesiologist came by to check on her and he kept saying that he was so impressed and disheartened that at 5 years old, she’s so “grown up” to be able to do that. Makes you really realize just how much our kids have been through. The last few times for anesthesia, she hasn’t cried. I cry for her. For the childhood she lost. For the adultness she’s gained in just a few short years of life. I’m so thankful R has her dragonfly friends because while they might be behind in book smarts, they’re wise beyond their years in reality and they don’t skip a beat no matter how long it is between meet ups. We hold on with both hands to any opportunity we can give her to “be a child” and have childish beliefs. It’s such a fine line to navigate. So we are thankful to you all for giving us those opportunities. ?”

– Reprinted with permission