New Diagnosis/Extended Stay Care Package

“What started out as a blue bag…”

“It amazes me how often I notice dragonflies now,” said one of our Dragonfly wrote to us recently. “An overwhelming sense of love and peace always follows the sightings. My daughter knows she is a dragonfly too, when she sees them she tells me ‘it’s a dragonfly like me mommy.’ Who knew what started out as a blue bag to …

FFTC Dragonfly models

Fashion For The Cure Is All In For Dragonfly

From: Hannah Moskowitz, Committee Chair, Sycamore High School’s Fashion For The Cure Fundraiser (FFTC) #FFTC What is FFTC? Fashion for the Cure (FFTC) is a Sycamore High School student-run committee that works to raise money and awareness for a chosen charity with monthly fundraisers at local business and a spring fashion show. The students are proud to announce that The …

Sad Face

Cancer Kids Are Not Monsters

From a Dragonfly Mom (reprinted with permission): “Have just had my heart ripped out of my chest and torn into sheds when a group of children just treated my cancer child like a monster and ran away from him up the stairs leaving him all alone in the playroom and when my son came to me crying for a friend …

The Landing

Love this Review of The Landing!

From a Dragonfly Dad: “Wow! Just visited Dragonfly’s headquarters for the first time. You talk about an awesome place for the dragonflies to go and escape for a while. Felt so welcomed!!!! What a great thing you are doing…!” For more information about The Landing, click here.