Sad Face

Cancer Kids Are Not Monsters

RC-GABP-1872From a Dragonfly Mom (reprinted with permission):

“Have just had my heart ripped out of my chest and torn into sheds when a group of children just treated my cancer child like a monster and ran away from him up the stairs leaving him all alone in the playroom and when my son came to me crying for a friend I took him upstairs to ask the children of they would come down and play with my son half of the kids burst into tears because they were scared of my son and the older ones just refused and said they didn’t want anything do with him! I can’t stop crying!!! 💔💔💔💔”

Dragonfly created “I Am Still Me” t-shirts to remind people (and kids) that even though the physical appearance may be affected (by steroids, skin reactions, feeding tubes, ports, hair loss, etc.), they are still who they are on the inside.

Please be kind and teach your children kindness.