Dear Dragonfly Family

“Dragonfly Family,

I have been meaning to write this note for some time….

In the beginning of the summer I was doing a lot of reflection on our summer last year. How hard it was to take E to the pool and watch her look so sick and deal with all the stares and whispers from people around us.

In the good times, now, those memories still stay with me, only, now, E looks healthy ‘Normal’ and people don’t know what she or our family has been through and oddly enough sometimes I want everyone to know how she was and how far she has come from just one year ago!

On one of these first days at the pool, Emma saw another Dragonfly and they made an instant connection. As I sat there looking at these two girls playing healthy and happily, I was overwhelmed by their connection and grateful to TDF for connecting not only Emma, but our families to others like us. Knowing that there was another mother ‘like me’ holding those silent thoughts of gratitude was just the comfort that I needed. Thank you for being there in more ways then you know!