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“We still love you, but we won’t take it anymore…”

One of our Dragonfly mom’s posted a note online that echoed the hurt, the frustration and sense of isolation that many of our families experience when their young patient goes through treatment. With her permission, we are posting it here in the hope that it may provide insight for friends, family and others that know a family affected by a serious or life-threatening illness/injury:

“I usually don’t post dirty laundry on here but too much negativity from our own families and friends have been coming at us in all directions. So I’m addressing it here. Take it however you want to: Unless you are a parent of a child with cancer, please don’t come at us with any negativity whatsoever or tell us how to parent. Keep it to yourself. The sad thing is all you who have had negative things to say aren’t even there for us in our time of need the most. We take note of the family events we are blacksheeped from, who is talking about us, mocking us, or not even there, but we’re silent. Yes, we have our religion helping us thru this but we are still humans and it hurts. You think family/friends will be the first there when life gets tough but nope instead it’s only some family, work friends, people we didn’t even know before this journey, our church families, and God. This is more of a warning. You will be deleted if you send any negativity our way. Most people haven’t had to deal with a child that has cancer, so you can’t even grasp what it’s really like and what we deal with daily. We don’t have time for negativity. So we still love you but we won’t take it anymore. For all of you that have had kind words, that are truly there for us, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. We love you♡”