2 Dragonflies and a painting of 2 Dragonflies

Two Dragonflies: One Family

From a Dragonfly Mom Who Wrote About Her Inspiration For The Painting in the Picture: When I attended a fundraiser for The Dragonfly Foundation, I had the awesome experience of learning how to paint a dragonfly. Later, at home, I decided to paint other another canvas, but with two dragonflies. The first dragonfly I painted […]

Matt and Sam

Quotes of the Week

“When a social worker suggested Dragonfly and told me that they did lots of fun activities, I thought I would never have another day of fun in my life and neither would my child. However, I joined for my child’s sake, thinking she needed support outside the family. Dragonfly has done so much for our […]

Dragonflies Rule

“It can make such an impact on helping children and families while they battle”

From a Dragonfly Mom: “It is amazing what The Dragonfly Foundation has accomplished in the few years they have been around. As a parent who had a child battling this awful disease before The Dragonfly Foundation began, I remember the feelings of loneliness, isolation and despair that our daughter went through as well as our […]