Matt and Sam

Quotes of the Week

“When a social worker suggested Dragonfly and told me that they did lots of fun activities, I thought I would never have another day of fun in my life and neither would my child. However, I joined for my child’s sake, thinking she needed support outside the family. Dragonfly has done so much for our family! I’ve found support not only with the staff and volunteers, but also with other parents. PS… we’ve had tons of fun, too! God bless all the staff and volunteers that make this happen.” — A Dragonfly Mom

A Dragonfly Mom posted an image with this text:

Emotionally: I’m done
Mentally: I’m drained
Spiritually: I’m dead
Physically: I smile.

“Today is my son N’s 14th birthday.  He was diagnosed with brain cancer at age 11.  I remember the first time we went to the Landing, it was right around N’s birthday.  Ria had lunch bought in and Zak ordered a cake.  All the staff and volunteers that were there that day sang Happy Birthday to N.  It meant so very much to him and to me.  I am so thankful to Dragonfly in so many ways!  Thank you all!  Just wanted to share that memory of your warmth and kindness.” — A Dragonfly Mom