A Halloween story worth sharing…

A reminder to err on the side of kindness:

Over the weekend, a Dragonfly family with 4 young kids, one of whom has cancer, went to East Fork to do some early trick-or-treating at a special event. To make taking them easier, J, the patient and oldest child, suggested putting the 3 younger kids in his wheelchair, while he would ride in the jogging stroller. During the trick-or-treating, a lady got upset at J for being in the jogging stroller. She yelled at him and called him “lazy.” She also refused to give him candy.

J was so upset by the situation he wouldn’t trick-or-treat after that.

Needless to say the mom was very upset when she posted on our private page for Dragonfly Families.

The woman who yelled at J could not know his situation, and probably would not understand the struggle his mom was having trying in to give her family a fun outing, to be normal and to forget cancer, if only for a little while. She could not possibly know how important this simple event was to this family, and to this young boy.

What a shame…