Why Dragonfly? Answers from our Board Member John Burns

John Burns, President, EncoreTechs
Joined The Dragonfly Board: 2010

Question 1: Why Did You Want To Be On The Board of The Dragonfly Foundation:

I wanted to help provide an escape for families dealing with the constant stress of caring for a child with cancer.

Question 2: Why Is Dragonfly Worthy of Sponsorship?

They are true to their mission. Everything the organization does is for the purpose of bringing comfort and joy to families dealing with a young patient fighting cancer.

Question 3: What Are The Top 3 Reasons To Support Dragonfly?

1. It is as important a mission as any other I have read or heard about.
2. I am unaware of any other organization that addresses the non-medical needs of young cancer patients AND their families in the same way as Dragonfly — with programs that educate, provide emergency assistance* and build a sense of community for all those unfortunate enough to require their support.
3. They are extremely efficient and effective with everything they collect, including cash donations, tickets, experiences, etc.

*Note: Dragonfly does not pay bills, car payments, or housing costs.