SuperBubz and Joey Votto photo

Ride For Dragonfly Featured in Enquirer

June 11, 2018 Article by: Andrea Cruikshank, entitled “”Family of ‘SuperBubz’ starts motorcycle ride to aid Dragonfly” A motorcycle ride spurred by the family and friends of “SuperBubz” is set for Saturday, June 16, at Queen City Harley Davidson in Fairfield. The 6-year-old Walter Zayne “SuperBubz” Herbert, of Fairfield, lost his battle with neuroblastoma on Oct. 6, after more than two years of treatment, …

“Dwagonfwy Station”

Not sure what is cuter: this adorable Dragonfly, the fact that he loves our “I Am Still Me”(R) Shirt so much that he want to wear it on his bday, or that he calls us “Dwagonfwy Station”!!!!! LOL!!!  (Please join us in wishing him a very happy birthday!!!!) The Dwagonfwy Station (LOL) helps ease the emotional, relational, and practical challenges …

Kids by the lake/one wearing our shirt

Dragonflies love being Dragonflies

Note from a Dragonfly Mom: “Thought I’d share this. L finished treatment in March and had his port removed. He’s ready to enjoy a summer with a lot fewer restrictions. We started with some cousin fun. I love that he’s wearing his Dragonfly shirt (though it’s definitely getting a little small for him) and assuming a super hero pose!! We …

Dragonfly Foundation

A thank you note

“We were new to Cincinnati and the dragonfly foundation has welcomed us with open arms. I have met some of the nicest most wonderful families here. You guys have done sooooooooo many great things for us…a simple Thank you seems so embarrassingly small. You guys are AWESOME!!!!” — A Dragonfly Mom

Having fun indoors

Summer break is finally upon us and as kids are getting out of school, I was thinking about ways to have fun indoors. This can be especially challenging when you have a sick child or one who is immune compromised because the isolation doesn’t just impact them, it impacts the siblings, too. Home can become pretty boring very quickly when …

The Dragonfly Foundation ("The Landing")


“Love your team and everything you do! 😘 Kids have been asking toy go play at (the) Landing every day this week! You’ve been such an important part of L’s journey toward healing 😍 Thank you for dedicating your life toward improving (I actually wanted to say saving) lives of others ❤”— A Dragonfly Mom

Bear picture

Survivorship: Stresses & PTSD

The process of diagnosis and then establishing the best protocol for a pediatric cancer diagnosis is like going to war.  Truly. There is so much waiting and anxiety associated with that, as well as managing a scared and sick child, dealing with a job, other kids other obligations and then back to the unknowns associated with cancer.  Just writing this …

Need a smile? Want to give one?

“I was driving home from work yesterday and saw an “I Love My Dragonfly” bumper sticker!!  The Dragonfly car and my car were both driving to catch up with one another to wave. After about 5 minutes, I was finally able to pull next to the car. As I turned my head, ready to wave, I noticed that the person …