The Landing

Cute story about The Landing

Had new Dragonflies visit The Landing today (The Landing is our patient/family space)… Within seconds, the little boy found our “Giving Tree,” where kids can pick toys and books* (see footnote) without any parental intervention. With a big grin, he said, “Can I see your trains?” I said, “Wow, this is great, he already knows […]

Gift Box

Little gifts = Big Smiles

We deliver gifts to the hospitals almost daily during the week… From a Dragonfly mom: “Thank you Dragonfly Foundation! We have had a rough few weeks and a surprise was just dropped off for us at the hospital! Thank you for brightening my Dragonfly’s day!” And another: “A dragonfly landed on our stressed out family […]

Dit It For Dragonfly Shirts

Is Team Dragonfly’s WINGS program for you?

If you can answer “yes” to ANY of the following questions, this opportunity may be perfect for you!
 •    Are you willing to share information about Dragonfly, even for informational purposes? •    Are you comfortable asking people to help us purchase urgently needed patient/hospital gifts? •    Are you willing to ask friends, family and associates […]