Cincinnati Reds / GABP Baby Runs The Bases

When A Photo Is A Mission Statement

We host an average of 5 events a week for our Dragonfly families, in addition to our programs and The Landing… Recently, thanks to CBTS, Cincinnati Bell and Cincinnati Reds (Thank you!!!), we had another opportunity for 40 of our Dragonflies to play baseball on the field of the The Great American Ball Park. They had the full major league player experience: the jerseys, the jumbotron, singing the National Anthem, having their names announced on the PA, lunch in the Diamond Club, being pitched to by a Reds batting coach, and running the bases! So many stories, so many great pictures, but the one that really exemplifies the day, and represents all that Dragonfly is and does, is this picture showing one Dragonfly comforting other Dragonflies, sharing smiles, enjoying a distraction and having an opportunity to create memories… our mission of  comfort and joy. Please consider making a donation. Text WINGS to 91999.

(Photo by Reds Photographer, Vettet)