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Advocates Can Now Create Personal Dragonfly Webpage

Mobile Fundraising PageMany of our young patients are depressed, angry and/or upset over having to endure so much pain and trauma, and having to be away from their family and friends while in the hospital or in isolation at home. We try to do as much as we can to distract them and to create smiles. We are often faced with hospital requests and patient interests that are difficult to meet because we do not have the item(s) on hand or because of the urgent nature of the request.

Recently, we were contacted by a Cincinnati Children’s Hospital social worker about a patient who was in critical need of joy. She suggested that we send the patient an electronic keyboard because the patient was so terribly homesick and missed playing her piano. Since we have never had anyone donate a keyboard, we quickly ordered one online (shipping was free!). We were and are so grateful to the donors who give even the smallest amounts to Dragonfly!

We hope you will join your peers in CREATING A PERSONAL DRAGONFLY WEBPAGE and share it with people you know. We need support to continue to meet urgent needs/requests and to further Dragonfly’s mission of bringing comfort and joy to kids and young adults enduring cancer and bone marrow transplants. Please join TEAM DRAGONFLY!


Register HERE or Text WINGS to 71777 to get started being an active advocate for Dragonfly!