Dit It For Dragonfly Shirts

Is Team Dragonfly’s WINGS program for you?

If you can answer “yes” to ANY of the following questions, this opportunity may be perfect for you!
Mobile Fundraising Page
•    Are you willing to share information about Dragonfly, even for informational purposes?
•    Are you comfortable asking people to help us purchase urgently needed patient/hospital gifts?
•    Are you willing to ask friends, family and associates to share your personal web page and text to donate information?
•    Are you willing to ask people to support your athletic endeavors, such as sponsoring your participation at a walk/run event?
•    Do you prefer that people make donations, instead of sending birthday, anniversary or holiday gifts?

You Can Do It In 2 Minutes With ZERO Technical Skills Required!

Text WINGS to 71777 or click on the link below. Scroll to the BECOME A FUNDRAISER BUTTON and register with the program. After you register, you can upload a photo and add a message about why you support Dragonfly. You can also set up a fundraising goal (even if it is as little as $10!).

Watch This Video To Learn About Setting Up A Personal Web Page In 3 Easy Steps!