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(Part 2) Post-Camp Survey Results!

We are excited to share the results of Dragonfly’s Camp Uplift post-camp survey! (To read the Camp Uplift Overview Part 1, click here.) Our volunteer team of “Kindness Advisors” under the supervision of volunteers, Maureen Scahill and Sydney Rader, did a fantastic job planning and implementing this volunteer-driven initiative. Both the campers and their parents […]

Baby who received gifts from Dragonfly

Some stories from March 2014

From Ria/Christine: Besides our normal projects, in the last two weeks, we have helped a family with no insurance get crutches (yes, crutches), helped a now single mom get a job that doubled her salary and hours, helped a newly relocated family get a mortgage (huge thanks to Donna Thorman at Peoples First Savings Bank […]