Post Traumatic Stress

It’s never over. Once you or a loved one receives the diagnosis of “cancer,” your world shifts and is never the same again. Many of our Dragonflies, parents, patients, spouses (remember we go to age 30), siblings and offspring (some of our patients have kids) we support are affected by during- and post-traumatic stress (PTS). Even the strongest can be brought to their knees…

While we don’t provide counseling services, we often refer families to wonderful organizations that do. One such organization is Cancer Family Care in Cincinnati.

One of our family members posted on our private page asking for a referral to Cancer Family Care. A different mom replied with this quote:

“”So thankful that (Dragonfly) mentioned (Cancer Family Care) to me in a phone call about a year and a half ago when I thought I was “crazy”. So thankful for The Dragonfly Foundation Cincinnati and all the support and love they show us….and the assurance that we are not alone ♥”

If you are in Cincinnati, Cancer Family Care is an excellent source of assistance.