Notes, Thanks, & Stories from our Patients/Families


In a Thank You Note to Cincinnati Bell, a Mom Describes Life With Cancer & Why They Love The Dragonfly Foundation

I don’t know if you realize how big of an impact your company and the Dragonfly Foundation have made in the lives of my family, as well as many others.

When you hear the words “Your child has cancer”, not only is it life altering, it’s also a pain that I can’t even begin to describe. It takes a toll on the entire family, whether it’s emotionally, physically or financially, but the biggest obstacle yet, is sitting on the sidelines for 3.5 years while your child is being poked, poisoned, cut, having tests and surgeries preformed. It has been the most trying situation in my life.

It’s also hard for me as a parent having two other children whose lives have had to stop because their sibling is sick. We don’t have the income to help take our minds off of cancer and all that comes with it. But to know that complete strangers from Cincinnati Bell/CBTS and The Dragonfly Foundation, are going out of their way to give us a break from the hospital, doctors, needles and help us get out of our home that we’ve been cooped up in for almost 3 years, is heart warming and indescribable. Even if it was only for a couple of hours, you allowed our family to spend time together and make memories that we don’t get to have very often and that made us feel like the richest people in the world. Both of my boys are living in the Jersey’s that they got. They are so proud to be apart of the Red’s team.

THIS is why we love The Dragonfly Foundation. They are not a one and done type of organization. They are about family, love, support and making children smile all the time. Not just the sick child, but their siblings as well as their parents. Thank you so much for supporting them and giving us the ability to cherish times like these through Dragonfly.”
— A Dragonfly Mom of Three Kids

Note: to read the article about the Reds/Dragonfly Event, please click here.

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Family Forgoes Christmas Gifts in Lieu of Making Donation to Dragonfly

Dear Ria & Christine

Please accept this small donation on behalf of the W Family. At Christmas time our family decided to forgo our annual gift exchange and decided to collect a donation for The Dragonfly Foundation.

We live in a very small community, but the support that S and our family received during her treatment was astounding. We were so appreciative for all that we were given we wanted to be able to share this with the families who do not (have support), so please share this with them. Your foundation makes this overwhelming time easier to deal with. May God Bless you and give you strength to continue your mission. On behalf of my family, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We love The Dragonfly Foundation.
–- A Dragonfly Family (they sent us a $150 check and two gas cards!)

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Dragonfly patient says “you are truly the best medicine”

“I wanted to thank the Dragonfly Foundation for all the hard work you do for us. I was a patient until recently (yayyy remission!!) and I can’t tell you how much your efforts mean. The hospital is amazing… but at the end of the day, its still a hospital–but your work brings more joy and happiness than you know 🙂 You truly are the best medicine… we’re STILL talking about Nick and Vanessa and my little gifts have been scrapbooked to the extreme. BEST memories and I hope that your work can continue. PLEASE SUPPORT US– The joy it brings is palpable in all that are touched by your great organization. GO DRAGONFLY :D”
— A Dragonfly Patient

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Just the sight of our billboard…

I saw a (Lamar Advertising) BeADragonfly Billboard on 32 in Eastgate this morning on my way to work! Awesome feeling, it made me all warm and fuzzy 🙂 ♥
— A Dragonfly Mom

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Something to look forward to…

“N cried when the GI doc (Gastro Intestinal Doctor) told him he had to have surgery again. He said (for the first time), “Mommy, I don’t want to have surgery every other week.” God bless his doctor. She told him to hate her, not me. He cried with his head in his hands… I have never seen him like that. In the back of my mind knowing the next surgery will be worse and MUCH much more painful and will (have) an admission to the hospital. I didn’t tell him that. One day at a time. Anywho, it’s been hard not tell him him about the WWE wrestling tickets, especially as he is watching it tonight. He wanted me to buy him another “action figure”” (don’t dare call them “dolls”, LOL) but I want to save $ to get him a poster at the show, so he hates me more. 🙁

It’s so great the show is the night before the surgery. He won’t even be thinking of anything bad when he goes in. THANK YOU so much as always.”
— A Dragonfly Mom

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You know kids like you when they say to other kids at school, at the hospital, on playdates…

I’m A Dragonfly! Are you a Dragonfly?

— A Young Dragonfly Patient

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