She is a witness…

Allison, a really sweet volunteer, sent us this note!

So great to see you both today at WLW! We love you guys and it was such a nice surprise to spend a few minutes with the kids, especially seeing Freddie who I have such a fantastic memory of my first Dragonfly volunteer experience.  He and his sister are such great kids!

I really did just want to thank you both for everything you do for so many people.  I know I started to mention that when Scott walked in earlier this morning.  You touch so many families lives and make such a huge impact on them, but you have done the exact same for me as a volunteer.  I am so proud to be a volunteer for Dragonfly.  I love to see the smiles on the kids faces at the amazing events you put on for them, I love seeing the parents watch their kids at the events.  It’s really special to see the parents smiling and laughing with their kids.  Especially when you know how tough their lives are and how much they are going through.  Your foundation is a bright light in  these families lives.

I have me so many wonderful people in the past year because of TDF so I just wanted to thank you for everything. This experience has filled my heart more than you will ever know! Looking forward to many years of volunteering ahead!