“Our family just wanted to take a mintue to say Thank You for always being here for the last 3 years. You have seen our family in our darkest times come out into ray of sunshine all because of you. It is a blessing to be out of that dark, cold and lonely box our family was put into. The Dragonfly Foundation helped peel back that tape on that box day after day until we seen light, laughter and hearts filled with joy and love. We have met so many families because of your foundation there is families to talk to anytime to help with fears just to get you through that day. Thank you for seeing the confidence in Y that she didn’t see in her self that she is gaining back little by little because of you. Y has dragonflies she calls her friends because of you. Thank you to all the supporters and volunteers for wanting to be a part of something big as The Dragonfly Foundation and giving the support everyday not just for Y and F but for all our dragonflies. I know when I’m at an event I love to sit and watch and close my eyes just for a second just to listen to the sound of feet run across the floor, the laughter that fills my ears, that feeling I get when I feel my heart beat through the childrens laughter cause I know behind it all when I open my eyes what they have been through or still is going through and I often think about the ones we lost. I often wait for S to come through the door and fist bump us just little things like that tough my heart forever. Watch the children come in and yell Ria or Christine and give the biggest hugs how awesome to know how much these kids love and trust in you both WOW that’s big. No matter where our lives takes us in the future we will always be so greatful for you Ria and Christine and everyone with The Dragonfly Foundation We Love You All.”