A FB Post From a Dragonfly Caregiver:

“I have a chest with all her things in it for when she gets older she can look back and see how much everyone loved and cared about her. I have every letter every card from that very first day. I have every piece of document since day one. I won’t be on earth forever and she needs to know her own story in her time and when she does she is going to see how all the doctors and nurses cared and loved her and how they did not give up on her they fought with her, how much her classmates in 1st grade missed her so much after only 3 months of being in school they loved and cared about her. I have every letter, those childern wrote to her while she was in the hospital, Y will know how a little girl she sat next to in class cared and worried about her being absent everyday and didn’t know why and kept asking her mom until she asked the teacher and that day changed all our lives by one little girl with a big heart to love Y that much and a house was built for her needs, how her cousins and their friends came together to rally and support her and how Chuck Caudill can feel that emotion and love for his little cousin and put it in a song “Stronger Than The Wind” that describes exactly who Y is and still his family and friends rally with love and support for her, How I met friends to see Ryan Broshear and how his music especially one song “Make Each Moment Last” and I knew that song was ment for my ears that night. After that night a while later I emailed Ryan to see if he would play for some special little Dragonflies cause I knew in my heart what it ment to Ryan and how it related to so many families that I become to know and love. He said he be honored without hesitation. My wish is when Y is older and has understanding she will take all that pain and realize it was the most horrible thing her little body could have endured at 6 years old but God saved her and made her stronger and made her who she is today because of it, and my wish is as she gets older she knows in her heart how many people even strangers we do not even know loved and cared and prayed for her everyday, My wish is she knows one day how one little girl changed not only her life but our lives as well meaning I was angry at God and I made sure he knew it was no accident this little girl was in Y’s class I said it then and I will say it until I die God sent that family total strangers to our house to pray even though I was so angry and I really didn’t want to hear what God had to say I swallowed my pride for Y. That very day my heart changed something inside of me changed can’t explain it but it’s true. God sent these strangers to our family he beat me up until I felt his presence and that’s what gave me the strength to help fight along side of Y. I could not heal my baby girl it was killing me but see god gave me the strength to help in this fight and we fought together and hard I want her to know without those strangers and God and her strength I never knew God already given her that strength inside because I was so blinded by my own pain and carrying hers and it wasn’t mine to carry and they made me see that through God. I want her to know about The Dragonfly Foundation Ria Davidson, Christine Neitzke they gave us love and support our family needed they helped build confidence in Y they belived in her when she didn’t beleive in her self. They gave her destraction while going through treatment, they gave her friends who now she calls family that never looked at her different or judged her how she looked or walked. I had Y seeing two diffent counslors that really didnt help her but you know what did these kids knowning she wasn’t the only one, knowing she can express her pain the same way they can, knowing you can take off your hat and be proud of your beautiful bald head and feel secure about it, knowing she can share her story without being looked at different made fun of because how she walks or being in a wheelchair or walker these kids get it and they helped her get through it by facing her cancer and talking about it with them the ones who understood her pain and struggles they helped her brother deal with his pain and emotions of a sibling going through it with her everyday and talking and playing with other siblings like him got him through his pain and struggles. I want her to know all of it and take it in cause I love her so unconditionally. All I can say is I pray I’m around when this time comes for questions she may have, and to witness Gods plans for her because I know they are going to be big. Sorry got on a roll I can go on and on but Y and (her brother) will know how much they our loved by all”