Meet our Dragonfly, Reef

Dragonfly Foundation offers meaningful relationships to transcend cancer’s isolation

Written by Brittany York Soapbox Cincinnati Imagine for a moment you’re happily married. You and your significant other are gainfully employed as a veterinarian and an au pair/event planner. You recently purchased your first home, where you’ve lived for the past month, and you’re eager to build a family around your new baby boy. […]

Ria Davidson & Christine Neitzke, Co-Founders

“To Be Compelled”

While technological innovations provide new methods of accessible donation opportunities, there are so many causes worthy of assistance. How do donors choose which causes to support, and what compels donors to take action? So Many Ways To Give Visibility for charitable causes and  funding needs have never been higher. Teams and individuals can rally behind […]

Dragonfly bouncing at Picnic

Meant to be…

This evening, a Dragonfly Mom posted a note to us on our private Facebook page (for our Dragonfly families). (The family recently moved out of state to be closer to their parents.) In addition to managing the challenges of cancer, moving presented a whole new set of stresses. Yet, Dragonfly was able to make a difference, even there… “Dragonflies are everywhere! […]