Heart Sign Made By Dragonflies at the Devon Still/Beyond The Stripes Taping

What it is like for our families to be Dragonflies…

“Today I donated blood at the mobile unit parked outside my work building. I had never given blood before, so I was a tad bit nervous in doing so. As I laid back in the chair and looked out the window, I saw three dragonflies flying around. I kind of chuckled to myself and felt at ease. I figured, if our kiddos can do what they do on a daily basis, I could surely handle this. Just then, I noticed the Dragonfly Foundation sticker on the wall and couldn’t help but smile. The tech noticed this and asked why I smiled. I of course spoke of our experience with TDF and couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride. Being a dragonfly and a parent of a dragonfly is like a badge of honor that I will always proudly display. Thinking of you all, and sending many loving (((hugs)))”

“Dragonfly provides our entire family the chance to have fun and forget about our cancer struggle even if it is for a short time.  It is like taking a quick vacation and coming back refreshed and ready to continue the fight.”

“If you ever want to know what Dragonfly does… my son’s first day of school is today but due to his condition and the severe pain he is home in bed medicated with pain killers… but Dragonfly made him forget about his condition… made him smile. Happy. Excited about life again.”

“Proud to be a Dragonfly and everything it stands for.”