Stories & Quotes

“I plan on having a dragonfly tattoo. My son walked through hell fire and at what seemed the darkest moments Dragonflies came to the rescue.”

“May God bless you the way you bless all the families of kids with cancer! You are like the best friend none of us ever had.”

“My daughter just had her daughter at Cincinnati Children’s hospital and The Dragonfly Foundation was there to help with things that she needed and never thought of before she left to come there. She lives 4 hours away and really needed some of the things they gave her. Thank you so much for the help.”

“B will start a new chemo plan this Thursday that we will do closer to home at Memorial Hospital in Roanoke, VA.  The attached picture is from a treatment room in their pediatric oncology clinic.  When I saw it I knew everything would be OK and that our fellow Dragonflies will be watching over us”

Dragonfly is watching over us