Dragonfly Cookie

Quotes and Stories

“L’s welcome box arrived today and I have to thank you for the bottom of my heart. Everything in there is so perfect for him. And you had me in tears when I realized that you included some things for his sister as well. I have felt so bad for her because everyone has been so focused on L that I worry she is feeling forgotten. I cannot thank you enough for remembering her!”

— A Dragonfly Mom

“I felt so helpless watching cancer kill my brother and how you touched him in the lowest part of his life health wise. He was so grateful and enjoyed every second of his last 18 months regardless of the pain and horrible he felt. I will never forget what you did for my brother and will always be supporting your organization to receive the recognition it deserves! It also made me realize their are so many really caring and loving people in the world! Xoxoxo”

–A Dragonfly Sister

“I’m happy K will have a calm during the storm thanks to The Dragonfly Foundation!”

— A Dragonfly Mom

This is what I love so much about what we do. We are here for the entire family, because everyone needs to know they’re loved when the world is flipped upside down!”

— A Dragonfly Volunteer

At our clinic appt yesterday child life brought B crayons with the dragonfly sticker on them. She said, “Look what dragonfly did for us!'”

— A Dragonfly Mom

“You will never know the impact dragonfly makes on our world.”

— A Dragonfly Mom

I love the dragonfly foundation for many reasons. But the most important reason, is my beautiful niece mgo! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the joy you’ve brought to her and her family and to all the others who are fighting just like her. You make a big difference during such a roller coaster ride!

— A Dragonfly Aunt

“Words can not express what this group does for children at Cincinnati children’s hospital. My daughter had just ended treatment when the foundation started but I have followed them through out their growth and can not thank them enough for everything they do for families!”

— A Dragonfly Mom