“I promise I will be an advocate for the rest of my days.”

I gave a tour of the Landing yesterday to reps from a company we are working with… It wasn’t until the middle of the tour when one of the gentlemen mentioned that a relative of his was going through cancer. He briefly made some comments to give context to the young man: “veteran,” “beautiful family,” “adorable little girls”…. I knew exactly who he was talking about: One of our older Dragonflies (we go up to age 30) named B. The man was suprised but glad to know that his relative had been touched by Dragonfly… He said he couldn’t wait to find out: What B and his family, even their extended family, think about Dragonfly?… This is the note I received this morning:

“Wanted to thank you again for sharing so much about your foundation. I talked to my sister about you and all I can tell you is she started to cry and kept saying “you have no idea what they mean to Annie and Brad”. You and your staff are amazing. The Dragonfly Foundation is amazing. The people you help are amazing. I am so happy that I got to meet you and I promise I will be an advocate for the rest of my days.”

To all the people who support Dragonfly: Thank you for helping us surround his family with love. Yes, Dragonfly supports patients and their families, but isn’t it interesting to know the ripple effects of what we do…


I posted this story on Facebook. One of the replies to this post included:

As “B’s” mother, I will attest to the love and support you have given him and his family. You bring family unity to a usually lonely and scared disease. ‘Everyday is not good but with Dragonfly there is something good in everyday.’ From our entire family, we thank you.”