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Wanted: 1 Bead

The Dragonfly Foundation funds the Beads of Courage Program for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center’s Cancer & Blood Diseases Institute. Each of the hand-blown glass beads are made right here in Cincinnati, OH at Brazee Street Studios.

This weekend Brazee held a public event that also included our Dragonfly Families. Our patients were given the opportunity to make a special bead for their collection. One of our girls was too sick to attend. Her mom, knowing that she would have loved to attend, sent us a special request. To which Brazee Street Studios responded:

“We are on the case. Linda Johnson, beadmaker rockstar, is going to work on it either today or at home with her larger torch. Clo, my daughter, is also making her one in clay. Just wanted to share this progress shot with you.
Have a great day. Good crowd so far.
Best- Sandy”

Thank you, Sandy, Clo and Linda, for coming to our rescue and for helping make a Dragonfly (and her family smile).