“…this is really something special”

Note received from a Dragonfly Mom (Reprinted with permission):

“My 19 year old son became a dragonfly in December. He was diagnosed in 2010 with a stage 3 brain tumor. We came to Cincinnati after the Indianapolis hospital had exhausted all treatment options for him. Cincinnati is close enough to his college for him to undergo the clinical trial and to attend college. To be like all of his classmates he graduated with. That being said, I want to tell you how fortunate it was for us to become a dragonfly. Although we haven’t met anyone yet, it gives me the validation I have needed for years about how cancer affects a family. I know I’m not crazy about how I feel sometimes. Reading the posts and having a forum to vent is priceless. None of us wants cancer in our lives but I am eternally grateful for this foundation. Coming from a hospital that was wonderful but didn’t have a foundation like Dragonfly, this is really something special. Cincinnati is very lucky to have the foundation.”