Kicks Cancer Fundraiser

“The feeling of pride… was heart bursting”

From a Dragonfly Volunteer who has earned her wings many times over — most recently, by helping us with Kings Island’s Kicks Cancer Fundraiser:

I just wanted to drop a note and say how much we enjoyed working at Kings Island yesterday. We are so grateful for the opportunity to volunteer with your organization. There are times in life that come along and make us stop. I’ve found out over the last year that this will happen with hospital visits. I’ve had a small glimpse of what your families face. It’s amazing the things you notice when you’re forced to slow down. Otherwise, we don’t.

Yesterday I had the opportunity for many leaky eye moments. Like the mother who brought up her son to kick the ball and motioned to me that he couldn’t see. He did a kick with a slow descent so I was able to call out a play by play until it hit the water.  Her whispered ‘thank you’ made my day.

There was a mother and daughter that walked up to have a photo taken in front of the Kings Island sign. The daughter helped her elderly mother out of her wheelchair and held up a bright “happy 80th birthday sign” for their photo to be taken. As they were walking away I caught up to say happy birthday to her and noticed they both had their faces painted. Her daughter thanked me for making the effort to greet them and said her mother is battling dementia and the well wishes meant so much to them.

The feeling of pride with the four of us sporting our matching Dragonfly shirts was heart bursting.

Thank you for the many opportunities to volunteer and for providing these slow down and notice moments. They are precious.



We love our volunteers!!! Thank YOU, Carol, for always going above and beyond!!! You help make Dragonfly fly!

A Note About Kings Island’s Kicks Cancer Fundraiser:

On August 23, one soccer ball will be randomly selected from the fountain and the owner of the ball will win a 2015 Honda Civic, courtesy of Performance Kings Honda.

Park tickets are on sale for the reduced price of $35.99. Soccer balls are $5 for one or $20 for 5 and can be purchased at the Kicks Cancer tent in front of the fountain. For those that can’t make it out to the park by August 23, soccer balls (and tickets) can be purchased online at A park representative will kick it in the fountain for you.

Net proceeds from the Kicks Cancer campaign benefit The Dragonfly Foundation, Melanoma Know More and Pink Ribbon Girls.