Tammy's Child

Tammy’s Story

This episode of The Dragonfly Effect illustrates the impact a community of caring creates in the lives of pediatric cancer patients and their families.

As a legal guardian, grandmother, and caregiver guiding two Dragonflies, a patient and sibling, through treatment and long-term recovery, Tammy describes her/her family’s pre-Dragonfly experience, as if they were living life in a dark box, feeling alone, isolated, and “empty inside,” thinking “you are the only one.”

The delivery of The Dragonfly Foundation‘s essentials care bag and gifts proved to important first steps towards “peeling away a layer of tape.” Gifts, patient/family event opportunities, times at the The Landing, Dragonfly’s patient/family space, and other programs and services brought rays of “sunshine” into the days, months, and years that followed her young daughter being diagnosed with a bone cancer (osteosarcoma) in 2011.

Tammy’s granddaughter enjoys drawing/coloring, creating designs, reading and writing; her grandson loves music, dancing and playing games. Much to Tammy’s delight, Dragonfly took to heart the family’s individual and collective interests and passions, helping distract them from treatment, surgeries, and fear of the unknown. Dragonfly’s unique approach to emotional, relational, and practical support continues to profoundly impact their lives, even to this day.

While they continue to experience cancer-related challenges, they are are grateful for how they have been embraced by a welcoming, inclusive Dragonfly community of families, staff, volunteers and supporters. 

The Dragonfly Effect continues to grow with the organization’s efforts to spread kindness, love and compassion. Tammy encourages everyone to support Dragonfly by making contributions, donating tickets and suites for patient/family event opportunities, and sponsoring programs and services. 

Listen now as Tammy shares her Dragonfly Foundation experience in a heartfelt conversation with co-founder, Ria Davidson.

Dragonfly is grateful to iHeart Radio host, Scott Sloan, for recording the closing of this podcast, and to executive producer Joe Strecker for his time and talents. 

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