Our Suite at US Bank Arena

Our Dragonfly Suite at US Bank Arena

From a Dragonfly Mom:

Dragonfly has a suite (capacity: 18 Dragonflies) at US Bank Arena for every event through 2019. This donated patient/family space offers limited exposure to the public and includes a private bathroom. Families enjoy attending events here, and use the open area to play, build relationships, and enjoy events held at the venue.

We encourage people to donate tickets to unused tickets, private suites and box seats to Dragonfly to give to patients/families.

Suites are especially important during flu season!

Don’t let tickets go to waste! Contact our ticket donation hotline (even at the last minute): 513/609-4758.

From a Dragonfly Mom:

“I hope they will be able to give Dragonfly Foundation the suite again. It was wonderful to be able to take him to such a large event and know that he would be safe and protected during the show. Even though he is more than a year in remission, his immune system never quite rebounded from the hit it took during chemo, so we still have to be pretty careful with him. I think he may be one of very few two year olds who thinks it is perfectly normal to sanitize his hands every time he touches something. But then, I bet a lot of the little dragonflies have a similar idea of ‘normal.'”

A Dragonfly Mom

“It is so important for anyone with cancer or no cancer to have something they can look forward to. If you have something to look forward to it helps you push through the bad days just knowing that something good is gonna happen. My doctor’s take care of my physical health which is very important but so is my emotional well being and that is what Dragonfly takes care of. Cancer also makes you feel so alone, but with Dragonfly it allows you to feel less isolated and it gives you opportunities to meet others who just get it. It is a shame anyone else has to understand childhood cancer but I’m thankful to know I’m not alone in my fight.”

A Dragonfly Patient