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Statistics Are Our Friend

I realize this is sort of a crazy topic to approach on my second blog post for The Dragonfly Foundation, but stay with me here.  I promise this isn’t a tutorial on the research process and how to generate meaningful statistics.  In fact, just writing that sentence made me want to splash ice water in my face and walk briskly around trying not to doze.  What I love, and why statistics are my friend, is how research can inform organizations, like Dragonfly, about evidence-based family needs.  After all, how does anyone really know where the outages are in providing support or what programs can greatly benefit those needing them unless patients and their families communicate the need – usually when asked.  Actually, sometimes, families affected by cancer are so in the midst of dealing with the complicated circumstances that a life-limiting illness imposes, they don’t even know they we need something until they are exposed to a solution.  The American Cancer Society, recently shared data on the Caregiver’s Top 5 Unmet Needs. Here are a few relevant items from the list:

  • Dealing with your emotional distress (e.g., anger, anxiety, depression, fear, resentment, etc.)
  • Dealing with lifestyle changes
  • Getting information about the cancer he/she or family member was diagnosed with (e.g., prognosis, treatment, etc.)
  • Talking about concerns

Sound familiar folks!! Step in The Dragonfly Foundation.  One of Dragonfly anthems is ‘YOU ARE NOT ALONE’.  While The Dragonfly Foundation is not the source of medical information, they are the spirit of connections, support, guidance, caring, and awareness.

Read it for yourself:

So much of what can happen with cancer leads to emotional distress.  Dragonfly steps in to break that cycle with programs that help address unmet needs many face.  What I appreciate the most, is they do it in a joyful, spirited and engaging way! After you read the link above, look at some of the other content on the site and, importantly, connect with the organization.  Take advantage of what is offered and know that it is probably just what you may need – in a statistically proven, done with love based on experience kind of way.

— Author: Elaine Plummer, [email protected]