New Contributor: Elaine Plummer

My name is Elaine Plummer. I am a registered nurse, a fan of The Dragonfly Foundation, and a long-time friend of the organization’s co-founders, Ria Davidson and Christine Neitzke.

Recently, Ria asked if I would help contribute to Dragonfly’s blog. Of course, I said YES!! What a perfect match. I love The Dragonfly Foundation, have had personal experience caring for a child with cancer, and enjoy educating, mostly about health. I look forward to helping educate readers about the need for and impact of Dragonfly. I also look forward to presenting information about topics ranging from caregiving and self-care, to communications and life logistics.

Any health or lifestyle-based information offered will be referenced and researched from credible sites with appropriate science and/or evidenced-based content. I look forward to creating and sharing blog posts with comments from Dragonflies and their families. I am excited about sharing information with Dragonfly’s community, and continuing my involvement with the organization.

Please expect to see more soon.

Contributing Writer: Elaine Plummer, [email protected]