Quotes & Stories from Families

“I don’t know what we would have done without all the tangible encouragement we were given from [Dragonfly] during our journey… They remember the forgotten ….which includes us parents who know more than we want to about what childhood cancer entails….. They remember the families … The siblings….And they help the children still be children… “I’m still me” is the motto and cancer can never EVER steal who a child is… Their heart …. Their soul… No matter what it does to their body…. Great organization to donate to…”

— A Dragonfly Mom

“When we’d go to the Landing (Dragonfly’s patient/family space), we were the normal ones in the world at that moment.”

— A Dragonfly Mom

“Can’t believe a kid at school today would make jokes about (my son) having cancer. Knowing how upset he can get and knowing all that he went through with his battle is heartbreaking for me. Kids can be so mean (and sadly some adults too) and I know how he must be feeling as I had to endure teasing and joking when I was a kid about my mother and her disability… Be careful what you say to others because you never know what someone may have been through or are going through.”

— A Dragonfly Mom

“I thank God for this organisation every day. I have been lucky enough to witness first hand, the excitement in my grandchildren’s faces when they have a Dragonfly event or even just a visit to Dragonfly. I could never thank you enough, especially as you always include the siblings as well.”

— A Grandparent of a Dragonfly Family

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