Dit It For Dragonfly Shirts

Our Dragonflies Inspire Our Volunteers

Our running team captain, Heather Forte, is one amazing lady!! Read this note we got from her!!!!

“WEEEELLLLL, I ran the 4 way challenge, so I raced both Saturday and Sunday. The first race Saturday (10k), I managed to find a hole at the finish line and put my foot in it. I twisted my ankle, busted open my knee and hand. I received help from a medical, who cleaned me up and gave me ice for my ankle. Ran the second race that day (5k), then took my son and his friend out to mile 17 of the marathon, where they chalked inspiration for the runners, including a dragonfly! Sunday morning, my bruised ankle and I ran the marathon, and although it slowed me down considerably, I thought of all the little dragonflies that don’t have the option to quit, and even when I was in pain, I kept going and finished strong. Took about an hour longer than I had planned, and it was hot, but worth every step, as it always is. If I had to guess, I’d say my foot/ankle is sprained as it’s been swollen for a few days, but, I’m pretty stubborn and it wouldn’t have stopped me even if someone had told me it was for certain. Looks like I raised over $200.00 on my page for TDF, I am waiting for the final total from The Flying Pig. I have introduced all of the girls I coach to TDF, and our Girls on the Run team has made dragonfly key chains to send to you. I will also have legos from Girls on the Run Cincinnati coming as soon as they are delivered to their office.

I will be running a 50k the beginning of June and with a dragonfly tattooed on my arm, it’s hard not to share what TDF is all about when I’m running!!