Kealy Welage with Billy Larkin Perform “I See You”

Recorded at the 2019 Dragonfly Grand Gala

Video #1 of 2: Singer Kealy Welage, a dragonfly, and pianist Billy Larkin returned to perform two songs at the 8th Annual Dragonfly Grand Gala on Saturday, March 2, 2019 at Music Hall in Cincinnati, OH. In this video, Kealy and Billy present the song “I See You” by Idina Menzel.

Kealy, a Dragonfly herself, had this to say about The Dragonfly Foundation:

“I love Dragonfly not only because of the passion found within every member of the organization but additionally because of the passion and hope it gives me. It is very easy to let the negatives of life consume your life, but Dragonfly’s support helps to find the hope, love, and passion within oneself even on the darkest days, and for that, I am beyond grateful.”

Kealy Welage

Dragonfly’s 2019 Grand Gala, presented by Huntington Bank, additionally featured a formal dinner prepared by Jeff Thomas Catering, live musical performances by the Endless Summer Band, an African Penguin encounter courtesy of Newport Aquarium, TapSnap photo booth, silent auction and multiple opportunities for guests to win prizes.

The Dragonfly Foundation’s 2019 Grand Gala was presented by Huntington Bank.

About The Dragonfly Foundation

The Dragonfly Foundation, founded in 2010, helps pediatric cancer patients and their families find strength, courage and joy. They do this by providing emotional, relational, and practical support.

The fight for excellence in pediatric cancer treatment is important, but no less important is the commitment we must make to support the families that strive for fulfilling and complete lives during and after treatment. Though treatment may end, and illness may be cured or managed, the long-term effects of factors like internal group tension, familial isolation, post-traumatic stress, the anxiety of recurrence, and the emotional, physical and financial toll on the family unit often linger for years to come. While the importance of quality healthcare is a commonly shared value, we must remember to offer families a holistic, uncompromising, fighting chance at well-being, which is Dragonfly’s urgent, passionate mission.

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