Kalonji Martin

Kalonji Martin’s Story


Kalonji, a cancer survivor, sits down with co-founder of The Dragonfly Foundation (Dragonfly), Ria Davidson, to share his insights on the importance of community and philanthropy. In 2019, Kalonji – and his young family – faced prostate cancer. He and his wife were determined to remain optimistic, especially for their two children. They also continued to find ways to laugh and experience joy. The support of Kalonji’s family and friends during his battle was key for him.

As Kalonji grew stronger post-treatment, he and his family made a commitment to support others through Dragonfly. As a Dragonfly volunteer, Kalonji provides support at fundraisers and patient/family events and has dedicated time to two volunteer leadership teams that support Dragonfly’s Student Programs and External Relations Committee initiatives. 

Dragonfly’s Student Ambassador program helps school-aged students develop important fundraising skills while encouraging kindness, compassion and empathy — powerful life lessons.

Kalonji and Ria talk about the impact Dragonfly volunteers and donors have on pediatric cancer patients and their families. They also talk about the change volunteering has on the person volunteering. 

He mentions the importance of finding opportunities to laugh and make ourselves better.

At 20:48, Don’t miss their review of the independent film, “Peanut Butter Falcon,” an American comedy-drama that in the most joyful way, promotes compassion and empathy towards others.

Kalonji encourages everyone to support Dragonfly and to provide even the smallest gesture of kindness and generosity.

Dragonfly Effect Podcast

Dragonfly is grateful to iHeart Radio host, Scott Sloan, for recording the introduction/closing of the podcast. The executive producer of Dragonfly’s podcast is Joe Strecker.

The Dragonfly Foundation(R), a 501c3 nonprofit, helps pediatric cancer patients and their families find strength, courage, and joy. We do this by providing ongoing support, relevant materials, and caring, nurturing and transformative experiences.

To donate and to learn more about Dragonfly, please visit Dragonfly.org or text WINGS to 71777.

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