Born with cancer

“It simply gives you chills.”

From a Dragonfly Employee:

“You know, reflecting about yesterday, it was just so amazing to think about all the volunteers and public enjoying the Touch a Truck, Touch a Life event and supporting the Dragonfly Foundation while I was at home, calling and registering new families, several of which were just so emotional – about the Dragonfly Foundation and what it does; about receiving the prompt phone call from the Foundation; but mostly they were emotional about the craziness that is pediatric cancer or blood disease. Several of them cried when hearing they were now a part of the Dragonfly family, especially because a few children were just newly diagnosed and some families felt disoriented and very alone. They were emotional and grateful that because of the Dragonfly Foundation, another parent reached out and touched them, spoke the unique language of pediatric cancer/blood disease and acknowledged what they were experiencing. One phone call lasted more than an hour. Another family was amazed that Dragonfly had only been in existence for just a year, given all the amazing things the Foundation has accomplished.

ALL FAMILIES WERE VERY GRATEFUL FOR THE DRAGONFLY FOUNDATION AND IT’S MISSION – TO BRING COMFORT AND JOY TO FAMILIES OF CHILDREN, TEENS AND YOUNG ADULTS FIGHTING CANCER; FOR AS MANY AS WE CAN, AS OFTEN AS WE CAN. One day, thanks to the amazing doctors and treatment at Cincinnati Children’s, they too will be able to come to quality events that the Dragonfly Foundation hosts. For now, they are beyond grateful for the distractions offered by the Foundation that comes from funds raised at fun, quality events, like yesterday’s “honk-a-thon” (I heard it was a blast!). To the public who came and are learning about the Dragonfly Foundation for the first time, thank you for your care and support. We have more amazing things planned ahead-come back and check out the events page often!

It simply gives you chills. Please know that your participation in our Dragonfly mission, no matter how small or large is making and will continue to make a huge difference in the lives of our patients and their families fighting at Cincinnati Children’s! Thank you, thank you from all the new families!”